Hi everyone.

I hope that you’re doing ok in this current situation we are all facing. Uncertain times, but as a community I know we can support each other through this and have already seen such many amazing things going on in our area.

I’d like to ask you all for your help!

I am currently creating a social media campaign based around the recent Covid-19 pandemic (something like the pic above) and I want to include local people in the campaign who live in Falkirk but work on the front line or as essential workers (they don’t have to work in Falkirk!). I plan to feature local people in the graphics I create in order to show that we are a community of ‘real’ people and that we are all in this together.

What I need are really good, clear photographs of different types of workers in their job roles and uniform. For instance, if you are an NHS worker, a photo of you in your mask would be perfect. It needs to show head and body like the attached image I designed previously!

I’m looking for people in the following job roles (if I’ve missed any please let me know as there are so many amazing people out there doing what they can) It’ll most likely be one person per category I use, but I’m still developing ideas!:

• NHS worker(s) i.e. Nurse, Doctor, Surgeon, Porter, Domestic, Desk staff, Lab Technician, Scientist, Paramedic

• Local Health Workers – i.e. Counsellor, Therapist, District Nurse, Psychologist

• Supermarket staff – i.e. Shelf Filler, Checkout Operator, Trolley Assistant

• Binman

• Home Carer

• Armed Forces

• HGV Driver

• Pizza/Food Delivery Person

• Teacher, Childminder

• Warehouse Staff

• Charity Worker

• Police Officer

• Pharmacist

• Postie

• Cleaner

• Food Bank Worker

• Volunteer

• Politician

• Vehicle Recovery

• Bus Driver

If you’re interested, I’d really appreciate if you could either message me via my business page or email me at

If I choose you to be a part of the campaign – as well as your photo I’ll probably need your name, job title and a positive quote from you!

We all need to stay positive during the pandemic and it’d be great to share what people are doing in a local campaign and keep the positivity going.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon, thankyou.

Stay safe.

Alison 💚