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Hello! How are you?

It’s been a while

It’s been a while since I last wrote a blog! 25 months to be exact! And it’s been a very busy 25 months at that too – professionally and personally! We moved house five months ago and have gradually accumulated FIVE male guinea pigs over the last year! With my mischievous six and eight year old sons and my partner, I feel I may be becoming outnumbered by noisy males at home! Finding a balance between home and work has been challenging. However, the pros certainly outweigh the cons! Having the flexibility to choose when and where I work, and even who I work with has been life changing!

Creativity has of course been part and parcel of every day life from the upholstery class I took last year, the garden shed I renovated for the piggies, and the various pieces of art we’ve made as a family for our new home. Life is honestly made better by design!

All in a day’s work

Furthermore, I’ve designed various annual reports for corporate enterprises; created bespoke coffee labels for multiple independent coffee houses; produced several in-depth interactive corporate training manuals for a global energy company; designed merchandise for an award winning Glasgow based film production company; created branding for a holistic therapist, a party store, an architect, an estate agent, a human resources consultant, a telecommunications expert, a French translator, a mindset and business coach, a sweetie shop, an independent whisky bottler, and a dog treat business (based in Dallas of all places!). I’ve even strategised, developed and designed the branding for a remote Scottish island – The Isle of Gigha! That’s only just some of the projects I’ve led over the last two years!  You can view my award winning portfolio here.

Moving times

Oh, I must also mention that Limelite Creative has moved! 2023 marks a brand new and exciting phase in the business with a separate premises (after six years in business and working from home). It’s a fresh, vibrant space in the centre of Falkirk, filled with colour, and coupled with good vibes and lots of personality. I absolutely loved getting the room ready. I was in my element organising it all, from painting the walls to accessorising the nooks and crannies! The new space is an ideal hub for me to focus on my clients and to maximise my creative flow. I even have a coffee machine – yes, it’s the little things! My boss is also amazing, she’s pretty easy going and great fun to work with!

I love a project!

You might have guessed so far that I love a project! It’s in my veins and always has been ever since I was very little. I was always making bookmarks, drawing cartoons, and experimenting with different materials and textures. All the time I’d be having fun with it and gifting my quirky creations to family and friends. It made sense for me to go on and pursue an artistic career path.

Websites, soaps, events and campaigns

It’s hard to believe I graduated with an honours degree in graphic design 23 years ago! In that time, I’ve worked as a designer within various organisations in the public and private sector. These include Imajica Brand Evolution in Aberdeen, The Scottish Fine Soaps Company in Falkirk, and Castle Leisure Group and The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), both in Stirling. From websites to soaps to events and environmental campaigns, my career has certainly been varied. These roles collectively provided me with the tools, experience and confidence to be able to take the leap and start up on my own in 2017. I can honestly say I’ve never looked back.

How I can help

There are many ways that I can help businesses via my creative services at Limelite Creative. It might be that a client wants to promote and launch a new idea or product. Maybe their business model has evolved and they need to convey a different message to a different audience. Perhaps they simply just want to keep their branding and messaging consistent across the board. Every project at Limelite Creative is different and I apply the same dedication, care and attention to each. The small businesses I work with are just as important to me as the larger ones. The designs I create are also bespoke, so there are no ‘off the shelf’ solutions.

A relationship of trust

For me, helping business owners to fulfil their dreams and aspirations is an incredible feeling. To know that I have been able to help them on their journey is so rewarding. Understandably, it can be daunting for a business to find the right designer to help them move forward, and hard to know who that right person is that will be able to help. But knowing that you can rely on a trusted service with a one to one relationship can make all the difference. I pride myself in prioritising and building a relationship of trust with my clients and it’s absolutely key in what I do. I really feel privileged to have worked with, and to continue working with so many inspiring, determined, and passionate people who have entrusted me to help them communicate their message. Many of my clients have continued to use my services and will gladly recommend me too. Several have also become trusted business connections, and even good friends.

Listening is key

In addition to the obvious imaginative side of what I do, a big part of my job is taking time to get to know my clients, their businesses and what they want to achieve. Many of them have had to pivot over the last couple of years and it’s been crucial for me to be able to empathise with and listen to what they need. I need to be on top of my game in order to provide solutions that reflect a client’s brand’s personality and brand values to their desired audience. They believe in my ability, and rely on me to provide the right result for them. Having been a start-up myself and facing the ups and downs of a business owner, I can also relate to the many challenges that businesses can face. Above all, I really love meeting with clients over coffee. It means we can work together in person to establish a plan of action and that they I can help them move forward with confidence.

Everything starts in the imagination

I’ve been told many times by clients that I’m a very intuitive person. They have picked up on my ability to tap into what they need and to just get it and get them. Firstly, it’s down to me being a visual person, I can visualise what many of my clients can’t. Secondly, I have the creative and technical skillset to bring their ideas to life. And thirdly, I can professionally interpret those ideas into effective working solutions for their businesses. Everything starts in the imagination, and then it can be developed and brought to life!

2023 and beyond

I am passionate about helping business owners to achieve their goals. I’m really looking forward to providing even more service from my new office space in 2023 and beyond.

Finally, I’ll leave you with one of my favourite quotes.

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

Maya Angelou, author, poet, and civil rights activist

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