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Finding the right graphic designer can be hard ...

… and finding one that can provide more than just logo design can be even harder. That’s why here at Limelite Creative I provide a whole host of graphic design services as well as photography services. Take a look at my services below and any questions please get in touch.

In an increasingly visual world, great design helps companies to express themselves and stand out from the crowd. I help businesses look more professional by designing bespoke graphics that communicate their offer to customers in an eye-catching and creative way, whether it is a new logo, a brochure or point-of-sale display.

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Branding that will transform your unique business and help it succeed in the marketplace

Are you a business start-up or an old hand at what you do? Whatever the subject matter, I offer a bespoke design service and can create you a unique company logo and brand identity. I will work closely with you to create a brand tailored to your business that can be applied across various platforms such as stationery, vehicles, websites and marketing material.

I’ll provide you with a logo, brand colours and styles as well as instructions and advice to take your brand forward with complete confidence.

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Rebranding that will elevate your business to a higher level

Are you looking to improve your existing company image? I can work with you to transform your tired brand identity, giving it a complete overhaul from bland to grand to bring it back in league with the competition. Sometimes a small change is all that’s required. Alternatively, a complete overhaul might be in need. I’ll work with you to decide what the best option is for you and your business. I’m here to guide you and take your business on a journey of discovery!

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Bespoke visual identity design tailored exclusively to you and your business

Are you looking to promote yourself or your business with a new, fresh professional image? I can work closely with you to create a bespoke visual identity (also known as a logo) unique to your own needs that can be applied across various platforms such as stationery, websites and marketing material.

Remember, a logo is only part of your brand but it’s usually the first thing potential clients see. I can create something unique that will transport you head and shoulders above your competition.

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Design for print for all your business marketing needs

Are you looking to promote your business or product through printed medium? I can discuss with you the best way forward. I specialise in design and layout for various printed items.

Here are just some examples of what I can design for you:

  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Business cards
  • Stationery
  • Event literature
  • Leaflets
  • Point of sale
  • Annual reports

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Design for web for all your business needs

Are you looking to revamp an existing website or to design a new one? I have gained experience working on various websites across different industries and can design the look and feel of your homepage as well as create visually appealing content. I’m currently getting to grips with the more technical side of WordPress, plugins, add-ons and widgets! Luckily, however, I have excellent contacts in the industry skilled to do the ‘techy’ part of coding and building which leaves the design part to me!

I can design bespoke graphics for your online business needs to complement your branding.

Here are just some examples of what I can do for you:

  • Website graphics
  • Hero shots
  • Social media graphics
  • Interactive digital documents
  • E-books
  • E-newsletters
  • E-flyers
  • E-campaigns

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Slogans and straplines to inject personality into your product and service

Are you looking for a snappy slogan for your brand or needing some text jazzed up? I have experience in both and can work with you to produce something that suits your needs.

Whatever you need, I can help you succeed!

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Product photography to accentuate and visually endorse your services

Do you need professional images of your products? I have all my own mobile studio equipment and a professional DSLR camera all ready to go. I can shoot single product shots as well as lifestyle and mood shots for your business website, flyer, point of sale or brochure. In addition to this, I can also enhance, edit and create individual digital cutouts of images produced.

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Digital image manipulation, retouching and cutouts for picture perfect solutions

Do you have a photo that needs a bit of TLC, or a much loved photo that needs some zest? I can scan, clean up, colour and retouch grubby images using Photoshop magic to bring them back to life again!

Do you have individual products or subjects you need to be displayed on plain backgrounds? I am highly skilled in creating digital image cutouts with transparent backgrounds – anything from an apple to a zebra!

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Exhibition panels, stands and pop-up banners for that crucial first impression

Do you want your brand to stand out from the crowd at a conference or trade show? I can design eye-catching exhibition panels to suit all your needs from pop-up stands to large scale wall coverings.

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Vehicle, adshel and phone box graphics designed to turn heads

Do you have a company car or van that lacks kerb appeal? I can design eyecatching vehicle graphics to make heads (and wheels) turn! I’ve also had experience designing bus, taxi, adshel and phone box graphics too so the list is endless!

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Infographics to transform your data into compelling and impressive visual statements

Do you need to convey a verbal message into a graphic one but not sure how to give it more presence? I can incorporate your words and bullet points into attractive, colourful infographics to be displayed on paper or in digital format.


Newspaper and magazine advertorials polished to perfection

Are you looking to place an advert within a publication? I can help you fine tune your ideas and help you communicate your message across visually to your target market by creating eye-catching layouts to complement your brand.


Advertising campaigns to knock out your competition

Do you want to translate a promotional idea across printed marketing material and social media? I can create advertising campaigns that will connect with your market in a more powerful way, keeping you one step ahead of the competition!


Signage solutions that will make clients come knocking at your door

Feeling lost? Looking for a sign? Then look no further. I can design and set up signage artwork to your desired shape and size. There are so many directions you could take and I will be here to guide you.


Packaging and label design tailored to your specific product

Are you looking for a packaging solution for your product? I can work with you to achieve the best results and make your competition ‘lime’ green with shelf envy!