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Limelite Creative 2023 | From Corporate to Quirky | Published 08.02.23

New year! New goals! New brand?

Fear not, I’m here to hold your hand!

Another year has landed! Resolutions are a plenty and oodles of businesses will be reflecting on the good, the bad and the ugly from 2022 and what they would like to revise going forward into 2023 and beyond.

Maybe you’re thinking about improving on your current business branding, or perhaps you’re establishing a new business and wondering where to start with all the design elements you need to move forward professionally.

Whatever stage you are at, I can help you transform your business brand design visions into reality. At Limelite Creative, I provide businesses with a unique transformational experience. I’ll work by your side to tackle your branding stumbling blocks and focus you towards achieving the results YOU actually want.

Of course, there’s a lot to consider when taking the branding leap, it can be rather daunting. And without professional advice, it could be a rocky road, and an expensive one, especially when crucial elements haven’t been considered carefully. Please be aware that quick fixes don’t always pay off and your business image could be affected negatively if you decide to opt for a speedy solution.

This is where my expertise comes in. I deliver the full package from concept, to design, to artwork, to print management with no middle men (or women). Every branding journey is unique and personal to each business owner and I pride myself in producing the best result possible for YOU. I have a knack of tapping into clients’ heads and ‘getting’ what they want to achieve but I’m also here to advise and provide guidance too. Please look at my reviews to see the positive feedback I’ve received!

Did you know  it’s a common misconception that having a logo means you have a brand?


There are so many other things to consider! A brand consists of several key elements…

  • A brand is not just a logo. I repeat, a brand is not just a logo!
  • A brand is essentially a business’s personality, its unique name and image to the world.
  • A brand concept well thought out and delivered is going to be memorable in a consumer’s mind.
  • A brand can attract and retain loyal customers long term.
  • A brand can evoke a client’s emotions and draw them to your product or service.

Essential ingredients you must consider when undertaking branding for your business are your:

  • Target audience
  • Brand values
  • Brand character
  • Brand promise
  • Brand consistency
  • Brand perception
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand competition

Branding can be all-embracing and overwhelming but worry not! I’m here to help you with ALL of the above (and more) to ensure you receive the absolute best result possible for your business. Once we have investigated the fundamentals and established a plan, then your exciting design process can commence! I will work with you to maximise the impact your final branding has in the marketplace. You’ll be amazed at what can develop from an initial meeting and how quickly results can be achieved when all the critical information has been gathered!

If you’re captivated and I’ve tempted you more than chocolate, then get in touch! I’d love to meet for coffee to discuss your branding visions and goals!


I look forward to transforming you in 2023!

Believe it or not, it might just change your life!